Fair Usage Policy

It came to our attention recently that few users of ePhotoBay are overloading our system with big images that loaded tens of thousands of time in a small time frame which as a result affected the quality of our service provided to other users. And per consequences we decided to apply “Fair usage policy” to ensure that our service will be delivered to all of our users equally and with an acceptable quality.
Fair usage policy will affect only those who upload images larger than 150 KB and hot-linking their images. If you are not hot-linking images and using thumbnail instead to link to full sized image then the fair usage policy will not apply to you.

Fair usage policy apply as following:-

Membership status Hotlinking Image size Allowed daily usage
All Yes < 150Kb Unlimited
Visitor Yes > 150Kb And < 500Kb 200
Visitor Yes > 500Kb 100
Member Yes > 150Kb And < 500Kb 1000
Member Yes > 500Kb 500
Premium Member Yes Any Unlimited
All No Any Unlimited

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