About ePhoto Bay

Developer & Owner Of ePhoto Bay.

Our Affiliate Program

Do you know that you can make money out of your images?

How to make money

Simply upload images to ePhotoBay then direct your visitors to the page of your image. Each time a user view your image an ad will be displayed beside and about 80% of the income of that ad will be forwarded to you.

The commission

The commission you get will vary depending on the price of the ad which is a google adsense ad.

Type Of Ad

Only family safe ads will be displayed.

How to get the money

After you complete at least $10 you can request to receive your money through Paypal.

When to receive the money

Payment is done two times a month

Use Right Click Menu

Do you know that now there is a right click menu for your files. Just select one or more files and click on right mouse button then a menu will pop up with many options to use on the selected files.
There are options available for a single file selection like Preview, Rename, edit, “Set album cover”, “Set profile image” and replace file.
While there are options available for one or more selected file like Share, Download, Move to album and Copy

Right menu provides many options to make management of your files a convenient and effective so make sure you make use of the most of it.

Use Google Chrome ePhoto Uploader Extension to upload any photo from websites

Have you used our free Google Chrome extension to upload photos? It is very easy and convenient to use. Here are the steps to download and use it.

  • Open the extension link using your google chrome browser From here
  • Google chrome extension page will open just click on top right button named “Add to chrome”
  • A confirmation box will popup. Click on “Add Extension”.
  • Now a new icon will appear on the top right bar of your google chrome browser. Just click on it to open settings window
  • In the upper part of the settings window enter your username and password at ePhotoBay or register first if you do not have an account with ePhotoBay then enter your login information then click login
  • You will be logged into ePhotoBay and your created albums list will appear just choose a one which you want to upload images into. Also there is an option to choose what action to do after uploading an image you can either choose to display confirmation message, display links for uploaded image, display album for the image or just be quiet. More over if you want to upload images from your local PC or from private areas (i.e. your mail box) then you need to check the check boxes at the bottom part of the settings window. If you are going to upload images from public websites only then just do not check the check boxes.
  • Click OK to save your settings
  • If you have checked the check boxes to allow uploading files from private areas an additional confirmation box will pop up from Google chrome. Just click allow to continue.
  • Now open any website with photos in it. Say Google website
  • Now click with right click button on the “Google” image at the website. You will see in the menu “Upload to ePhotoBay” option.
  • Click on “Upload to ePhotoBay” to upload the image to your ePhotoBay account.
  • The image will be uploaded to your account to the chosen album and if you choose to open image sharing link it will open after the upload is complete.

Downloading Multiple Files At Once

Do you know that you can download multiple files at once?! Just follow the following steps:-

  1. Login to your ePhotoBay account Login to ePhotoBay
  2. Select the files you like using any selection method as indicated earlier.
  3. Right click with the mouse on any of the selected files.
  4. If you clicked with right mouse button on a non-selected file it will be selected alongside other files.
  5. A drop down menu will appear. Just choose “Download” from the menu.
  6. The selected files will be zipped and downloaded to your PC.

Currently a zipping and the download of maximum of 18 files are supported but we plan in the near future to support up to 100 files for free members and unlimited number for premium members.

Fair Usage Policy

It came to our attention recently that few users of ePhotoBay are overloading our system with big images that loaded tens of thousands of time in a small time frame which as a result affected the quality of our service provided to other users. And per consequences we decided to apply “Fair usage policy” to ensure that our service will be delivered to all of our users equally and with an acceptable quality.
Fair usage policy will affect only those who upload images larger than 150 KB and hot-linking their images. If you are not hot-linking images and using thumbnail instead to link to full sized image then the fair usage policy will not apply to you.

Fair usage policy apply as following:-

Membership status Hotlinking Image size Allowed daily usage
All Yes < 150Kb Unlimited
Visitor Yes > 150Kb And < 500Kb 200
Visitor Yes > 500Kb 100
Member Yes > 150Kb And < 500Kb 1000
Member Yes > 500Kb 500
Premium Member Yes Any Unlimited
All No Any Unlimited

Personalize Your Upload Methods

Do you know that you can reorder, add or remove upload methods?
We offer more than 20 different methods to upload images and other files from which you can choose your preferred methods and reorder them according to your needs.

  • To add new upload method or reorder upload methods open homepage then click on the settings icon beside upload buttons as indicated in the following shot
  • Then a popup window will open. choose the button you want to enable from disabled section with mouse left click and keep clicking the mouse while dragging to the enabled section
  • Leave the mouse left button at the required position to move the button, then click “Save” to save the configuration to your account
  • The popup will disappear and the page will reload. Now scroll upload methods and you will see your chosen new upload method in the upload methods bar
  • To re-order some existing button you can similarly click on settings icon then drag and drop the upload method button to the required position. For example if you want to move facebook upload button to the head of upload methods bar, just drag it left until the required position.
  • Then drop it and click save
  • The popup window will disappear and the page will reload with “facebook” button at the head

Note that your buttons settings will be saved in your account so if you have some personalization you need to login to load it. If you do not have ePhotoBay account the personalization will be saved to cookies so you need to use the same browser. But we highly advise you to register to have better user experience

How To Select Files

Do you know that you can select files with three different ways in your account

  1. First way is by clicking with mouse on your file
  2. Second way is by clicking some where and dragging over your filesselect1

    Once you leave the mouse the subjected files will be selected
    Additionally you can press Control key while selecting to keep old selection while marking new selections.

  3. Last way is by clicking on Select All /Select None button

Online PDF Maker

We are proud to announce a new tool. It is online pdf maker.
With online pdf maker you can make pdf files online and download the generated files.
The tool accompanied with a html editor to allow you to set text formatting, text orientation and direction, text size, font, make tabular data, set colors, make lists and more…
You can choose to make the file private to prevent anyone from viewing your file.
After finishing writing and designing your pdf click make pdf to have the pdf file created for you.
After that you will presented with download link to download the file.
If you have account at ePhotoBay the file will be added to your account otherwise the file will be available for three months after that it will get deleted.

Image To PDF

We are pleased to announce our new online tool “Image To Pdf conversion” tool.
With image to pdf conversion tool you can convert any image of type png, jpg, gif, bmp or psd to pdf document.

Then you will presented with download link to download the file.
You have the option to mark the file as private to make it accessible only to you and people whom you have shared the link with.

To use image to pdf converter click on this link