Fair Usage Policy

It came to our attention recently that few users of ePhotoBay are overloading our system with big images that loaded tens of thousands of time in a small time frame which as a result affected the quality of our service provided to other users. And per consequences we decided to apply “Fair usage policy” to ensure that our service will be delivered to all of our users equally and with an acceptable quality.
Fair usage policy will affect only those who upload images larger than 150 KB and hot-linking their images. If you are not hot-linking images and using thumbnail instead to link to full sized image then the fair usage policy will not apply to you.

Fair usage policy apply as following:-

Membership status Hotlinking Image size Allowed daily usage
All Yes < 150Kb Unlimited
Visitor Yes > 150Kb And < 500Kb 200
Visitor Yes > 500Kb 100
Member Yes > 150Kb And < 500Kb 1000
Member Yes > 500Kb 500
Premium Member Yes Any Unlimited
All No Any Unlimited

Translating Contribution

Do you ever wanted ePhotoBay to be in your home language?
Now you can achieve that by contributing into translation of ePhotoBay from English to your home language.
Here are the steps required to submit translation.

  • Scroll down ePhotoBay and click the link translate
  • translate1

  • Choose your language from the drop down list
  • trnaslate2

  • Enter translation text as much as you like, then click save
  • trnaslate3

    Albums Ranking

    To ensure well-made and good quality albums be seen by our valued visitors we have implemented a sophisticated album ranking system which decide which albums will appear first in “Albums” section. This system is still beta and in the future we plan to apply it on all photos and profile pages as well so if your photos get good ranking you can get the benefit of being seen by many visitors and getting more traffic so we urge you all to pay attention on how to improve your ranking in our system. Here are some guidelines for improving your rank.

    1. Choose a meaningful category and sub-category for all of your albums.
    2. Keep all of your albums up to date and avoid any broken images or empty albums.
    3. Write meaningful title,description and keywords for all of your albums.
    4. Make sure all of your photos have meaningful names and titles.
    5. Avoid using hot-linking for large images extensively instead link to the portal page of each image.

    If you’ve done all of that we assure you’ll get a good rank and high quality traffic to your profile, albums and if you’re paid member you can put your website link there and convert this traffic into effective sales to your products, services or images.

    Added Security Measures

    It came to our attention that the number of people abusing our service (aka. spam or illegal activities) are increasing over time. So to protect innocent users from such an abuse and keep our service clean and continue our service with the same quality we had to work on several security measures. Which can be summarized as following. ps. security measures are applied only to non members. if you sign up you will not have to care about that.

    1- Captcha system (Human check system): this is to ensure that humans only are uploading images to our system. robots and automatic uploaders mustn’t used in any way.

    2- Spammers global block list: we have compiled a global block list to block known spammers from using our service.

    3- Manual check: we have built a back-end to manually check all images uploaded to our system. Usually non members have tighter and more checks than members using our service for long time.

    4- People abusing our service will have their IPs and/or accounts get blocked. You’ll need to contact us to have them recovered.

    Generally we highly recommend all our users to join to have richer service and more convenience using our service.

    Uploaded Images Will Require Approval

    Dear Users,

    We would like to announce that because some few people are abusing or service by uploading images not suitable for audience, starting from now we will not show up any images on our system till it is approved by our administrators. however image uploader will be able to use it and link to it instantly once uploaded.

    It’ll not just show up on our directory till it is reviewed which will be in 24 hours usually.

    This is to ensure our service and our website are completely safe for all audience including children.

    Best Regards.

    Welcome to ePhoto Bay!

    Welcome to ePhoto Bay. We would like to announce launch of our blog today.

    This is for the seek for better support for our valued user.

    Here we will publish announcements, service changes, new features etc…

    To know how to use our service please check our FAQ. If you can’t find answer to your question please feel free to contact us.