Online Image Converter

We are pleased tn announce that a new tool is available in our tools pool.
With Online Image Converter our users can convert their images online from GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP or PSD to GIF,JPG or PNG types.

  • The tool is easy to use, just select a file and choose conversion type then click upload
  • Then you will be presented download link, click it and you are done


To open online image converter click on this link

Media Download

We are pleased to announce that our users will be able to download their files directly from members area.

  • To access media download feature, click on media menu button
  • Then click download and the image/media file will be downloaded to your local PC


Capture Web Camera

We are pleased to announce that with ePhotoBay you will be able to capture shots from your web camera and upload directly to your account at ePhotoBay.

  • To use the new feature, open upload page.
  • Then click on Web Camera tab.
  • You will presented a confirmation screen to allow ePhotoBay to use your camera, press allow.
  • After that click Capture button to capture image from your web camera.
  • Then click on upload button to upload the captured image.


  • If web camera tab displays plugin is not supported:
    Make sure shockwave flash is supported and enabled by your browser (Note: Android and iPhone devices currently do not support flash plugins)
  • If web camera tab displays a blank box:

    Make sure your camera is connected and camera drive is installed successfully
  • If Capture button is not working:
    Make sure javascript is supported and enabled by your browser.

PDF To Image Converter

We are excited to announce that a new useful tool is available for free to our users. With “PDF To Image Converter” tool you can convert your PDF file to GIF, JPG or PNG type image. Currently only the first page in PDF file will be extracted and converted to the selected image type, however we plan in the near future to support extraction of all pages from PDF file.

  • To use the new tool click on this linkpdf-to-image-converter
  • From the presented screen select PDF file from your computer to upload.
  • And choose target image type (currently support only GIF, JPG and PNG).
  • Then click upload file
  • After that you will be presented a download link to download your converted file.

Online Audio Converter

Adding to our online tools growing set, we are pleased to announce that now, you can manipulate audio files online using our new tool.
The tool allows you to convert audio file format to different type.
Currently, you can convert WAV to MP3, MP3 to WMA, MP3 to WAV, MP3 to OGG, MP3 to AAC, AAC to MP3, MP3 to OGG, OGG to MP3 and more …
Download link for the converted file is presented after clicking upload.


Click to try Online Audio Converter

Online Photo Editor

We are pleased to announce that photo editing feature is available to our users.

  1. To use online photo editor click tools and addons.
  2. Then click online photo editor
  3. You will see a form to upload the image you want for editing. choose the image then click edit.
  4. online-photo-editor1

  5. The image will get uploaded to our server and the image editor will open.
  6. online-photo-editor3

  7. After editing the image click apply and save button to apply the changes you made to the image.
  8. Then click download to download the edited image to your PC.
  9. online-photo-editor2

  10. And you are done.

Click to try Online Image Editor

Translating Contribution

Do you ever wanted ePhotoBay to be in your home language?
Now you can achieve that by contributing into translation of ePhotoBay from English to your home language.
Here are the steps required to submit translation.

  • Scroll down ePhotoBay and click the link translate
  • translate1

  • Choose your language from the drop down list
  • trnaslate2

  • Enter translation text as much as you like, then click save
  • trnaslate3

    Image Edit Feature

    We are excited to announce that we have added the support to edit your uploaded images. At before it was only possible to resize images while uploading but currently you can resize, crop, rotate and add effects to your images after uploading.

  • To use the new edit feature first click on the menu button to display the menu as indicated in the screen.
  • Then click on edit image link in the menu
  • edit-image1

  • Then image edit screen will popup
  • edit-image2

  • After editing the image click save and you are Done!
  • RAR archives are handled by ePhotoBay

    We are pleased to announce that RAR compressed media files can be uploaded and handled by ePhotoBay. Just like ZIP files are handled.
    If you need to upload many files at once we recommend compressing them into RAR or ZIP archive and uploading them at once.
    The uploaded archive will be extracted and the media files will be imported automatically into your account.