Personalize Your Upload Methods

Do you know that you can reorder, add or remove upload methods?
We offer more than 20 different methods to upload images and other files from which you can choose your preferred methods and reorder them according to your needs.

  • To add new upload method or reorder upload methods open homepage then click on the settings icon beside upload buttons as indicated in the following shot
  • Then a popup window will open. choose the button you want to enable from disabled section with mouse left click and keep clicking the mouse while dragging to the enabled section
  • Leave the mouse left button at the required position to move the button, then click “Save” to save the configuration to your account
  • The popup will disappear and the page will reload. Now scroll upload methods and you will see your chosen new upload method in the upload methods bar
  • To re-order some existing button you can similarly click on settings icon then drag and drop the upload method button to the required position. For example if you want to move facebook upload button to the head of upload methods bar, just drag it left until the required position.
  • Then drop it and click save
  • The popup window will disappear and the page will reload with “facebook” button at the head

Note that your buttons settings will be saved in your account so if you have some personalization you need to login to load it. If you do not have ePhotoBay account the personalization will be saved to cookies so you need to use the same browser. But we highly advise you to register to have better user experience

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