Use Google Chrome ePhoto Uploader Extension to upload any photo from websites

Have you used our free Google Chrome extension to upload photos? It is very easy and convenient to use. Here are the steps to download and use it.

  • Open the extension link using your google chrome browser From here
  • Google chrome extension page will open just click on top right button named “Add to chrome”
  • A confirmation box will popup. Click on “Add Extension”.
  • Now a new icon will appear on the top right bar of your google chrome browser. Just click on it to open settings window
  • In the upper part of the settings window enter your username and password at ePhotoBay or register first if you do not have an account with ePhotoBay then enter your login information then click login
  • You will be logged into ePhotoBay and your created albums list will appear just choose a one which you want to upload images into. Also there is an option to choose what action to do after uploading an image you can either choose to display confirmation message, display links for uploaded image, display album for the image or just be quiet. More over if you want to upload images from your local PC or from private areas (i.e. your mail box) then you need to check the check boxes at the bottom part of the settings window. If you are going to upload images from public websites only then just do not check the check boxes.
  • Click OK to save your settings
  • If you have checked the check boxes to allow uploading files from private areas an additional confirmation box will pop up from Google chrome. Just click allow to continue.
  • Now open any website with photos in it. Say Google website
  • Now click with right click button on the “Google” image at the website. You will see in the menu “Upload to ePhotoBay” option.
  • Click on “Upload to ePhotoBay” to upload the image to your ePhotoBay account.
  • The image will be uploaded to your account to the chosen album and if you choose to open image sharing link it will open after the upload is complete.

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