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Requirements for "Submitting" screensavers:
  • All screensavers must operate at minimum with WinXP, 16 bit color and 800x 600 screen.
  • Check out that your screensaver software is properly registered. If not, it might work on your system, but will give an error message on ours. Same applies to exe files made with WinZip.

Reasons you may not make our list:

  • Cannot connect to file or download page. We'll try several times.
  • Screensaver will not install, or gives error messages. (Don't forget to test the downloading, installation and function of the screensaver after you upload it. Files can get corrupt during transfer.)
  • Poor image quality. Test your saver at different resolutions.
  • Too much advertising. Minimal advertising is allowed.

Linking Policy:

  • If a special download page exist for your screensaver, we prefer to link to it. If download link is part of a longer list, we will "direct" link to the file, and give author information as well. Download page should include information about the operation system the screensaver is combatible with, file size, and any special instructions needed to install or uninstall the screensaver. This is very important if the screensaver does not appear in Windows 'Add/remove programs' list. Author's email address should also be mentioned.

NOTE: Reciprocal linking is always appreciated.

Title of Screensaver:

URL to file (for download):

URL a image of the screen saver

URL to your page where the screensaver
can be downloaded, or URL to homepage:

Author's name:

Your e-mail (required):

Screen Saver Catagory

Screensaver Description:
(Number of images if slideshow etc...)

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