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  • BrownTaylor05 Wrote:
    Bathroom makeover can be a major expense even the small one and it is very understandable to try to cut costs wherever possible however paying a little extra for fixtures and service will most likely reward you in the future. Cheap fixtures don’t last as they should and they will need replacing sooner and when you are dealing with electric or plumbing DIY is not always advisable. However there are some tips to save money on bathroom refurbishment costs: 1. Try not to change the size or shape of your current bathroom if you want to keep cost down. 2. Look around for reclaimed stone which are cheaper than normal stone. 3. Check out last year’s tiles which could cut down on costs but buy extra number if discontinued. 4. Shop around and compare prices taking advantage of sales on good products. 5. Get a good reputable traders who will advise you on how to achieve your desired outcome in the more cost effective manner. Magical Touch will support you in your requirement by getting the job done beautifully and efficiently, please contact us on a free consultation.
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